Do you plan to purchase an aircraft, a ship or a yacht?

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  • Credit 700 up
  • Down payment 15%-30%
  • Recourse Loan
  • Interest rate from 3%-8%
  • Term loan: 30 years
  • No pre-payment penalty after the first five years (5% to 1% for 1st to 5th year)
  • Loan amount minimum: $10 million up to $300 million +


Khang Lending can provide financings on aviation new builds, acquisitions, and refinancing for high-value aircraft including jets, turboprops, helicopters and aircraft fleets. Secured commercial aircraft financing is a common way to arrange aircraft loans. We can arrange secured aircraft financing using a syndicate of banks and other aircraft investors sources. The aircraft then serves as collateral on the loan. Accordingly, the lender can repossess the aircraft in case of default. Ownership may be preferable over leasing to take advantage of depreciation. Other types of loans we can arrange include:

  • Pre-Delivery Payment Loans also called Aircraft PDP Financing, this refers to the process of purchasing an aircraft from a manufacturer before the product has reached completion
  • Aircraft-Backed Bonds/Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificates also called aircraft asset-backed securities (Aircraft ABS), these securities allow lessors to finance large portfolios of commercial aircraft with attractive debt pricing.
  • Revolving Loans is the loans that allows for the principal to be withdrawn, repaid and redrawn again as many times as the borrowers wished within a certain time frame.
  • Warehouse Loans
  • Bridge Loans


We provide ship financing for the building, refurbishing, refinancing and purchase of commercial cargo and cruise ships, as well as other marine assets. During the ship financing pre-delivery phase, a bank provides a pre-delivery construction or refurbishment maritime loan. They release the loan in installments to a shipyard. Ship financing receives backing from a corporate guarantor and a refund guarantor. The ship financing pre-delivery security package includes:

  • Assignment of Shipbuilding Contract
  • Assignment of Refund
  • Guarantee (from a Refund Guarantor acceptable to Lender)
  • Corporate Guarantee

In the ship financing post-delivery phase, the borrower/vessel owner receives a commercial boat loan, which may in turn finance a charter contract with a charterer.

The ship financing post-delivery security package includes:

  • Maritime Mortgage on Vessel
  • Assignment of Charter
  • Contract Assignment of vessel earnings, insurances and requisition compensation
  • Charge over bank account
  • Pledge of shares of Borrower
  • Corporate Guarantee
  • Ship Manager’s undertaking

The location of the operation decides the categorization of commercial ships. They include cargo ships, deep ocean ships, ocean-going construction lifts and platforms, coastal and inland ships, offshore and passenger ships.


Khang Lending offers luxury yacht financing for yachts, super yachts and mega yachts starting at $5 million and beyond!  Yachts are watercraft used for sports, commercial use (chartering) or pleasure (including fishing) with a minimum length in the 30-foot range.  Super-yachts are large, expensive, professionally-crewed yachts, informally sized at 79 feet or greater, although the dividing line is somewhat subjective. Finally, mega-yachts are the biggest and most expensive yachts, starting from 164 feet and beyond.

Typically, the loan agreement takes on a basic asset-financing structure, collateralized by the fully amortizing yacht mortgage and a lien on the yacht, as well as insurances signed over to the lender. In addition, the loan agreement may give the lender a lien on any revenues generated by chartering the yacht. Finally, the lender may require a personal guarantee and/or debenture from the borrower. This gives the lender a lien on the borrower’s other assets.

Yacht-Building Loans

For yacht-building contracts, the loan agreement will provide for cash advances to pay for pre-delivery construction milestones. Payments start with a pre-build deposit by the buyer. Installment payments follow as construction progresses through succeeding stages, evidenced by Stage Certificates. Pre-delivery requirements also include assignment of the yacht-building contract. In the case of default, the contract gives the lender the right to have the builder finish construction. Then the lender takes possession of the vessel and sells it. Accordingly, the yacht financing lender releases funds to the yacht builder upon receipt of each Stage Certificate. These must include the counter-signature of an independent surveyor. The yacht-building contract usually contains clauses that specify what happens if default occurs either by the builder or the buyer.

All loan agreements contain language relevant to warranties, insurances, and registration. The lender might also require covenants that preclude certain uses of the yacht, such as chartering. Finally, the borrower’s surveyor will have inspection rights to protect the borrower’s interests.

Our yacht loans start at $5 million.

Whenever you are ready to apply this loan with us, please email us:

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  2. A copy of your Driver License & SS# card (all borrowers)
  3. Corporation Docs
  4. The last two months of your bank statements (personal & business)
  5. Fund proof
  6. The last three years of your Tax Returns
  7. Personal Financial Statement
  8. Loan application package (we will email you)

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