Property type: 5+ Multifamily, Apartment, Retail Building, Office Building, Shopping Center, Warehouse, Industrial, Self-storage…

If you have at least 25% down payment and you are looking to borrow to purchase one of these type of properties, you come to the right place.


  • Credit 650 up
  • At least 25% down payment (we will verify where the fund comes from)
  • At least 75% tenant occupied (If you plan to occupy the property, you have to run a business at least two years and have the last two year of business tax returns to show us)


  • Commercial Loan (Purchase, cash-out, refinance)
  • LTV up to 75%
  • Interest rate from 5.50% -7.50%
  • 5-30-year term
  • Loan amount min $200,000 to unlimited
  • Appraisal (you pay upfront fee)
  • 30-45 days to close (or we need 10 days after we receive appraisal report)
  • We may use the same appraisal reportthat you may have with your previous lender (in 30 days) if our underwriter approves
  • Down payment has to be in your act in 60 days at least (has to be verified as well)
  • You can pick your title company
  • No pre-payment penalty after the first five years
  • Pre-payment penalty in first five years (5% to 1%, reduce 1% each year)


  • You put more than 35% for down payment. The less risk we take, the cheaper you get.
  • Your credit score from 740 up. This means you are faithful to your payments and manager your finance well.
  • You have a great property. New, nice, great location, growing area, high rent market.
  • You are an experienced investor. You own properties, you know what you do and you have a plan to use our money as a leverage to own a lot more is a plus to us.

We can have a pre-approval letter in 24 hours or less.

We can have a soft offer in a term sheet where rates, costs, monthly payments and total cash to closing from you when you complete our loan application with very detailed and correct information of: Property address, purchase price, property tax, insurance, HOA, rent…

Whenever you are ready to apply this loan with us, please email us:

  1. Property address and property information
  2. A copy of your Driver License
  3. The last two months of your bank statements
  4. Fund proof (shows us you got at least 25% in your acts)
  5. Loan application (we will email you)

Please send the documents to

We will give you a call when we receive everything we need to send you a quote.

For any other financing requests that are not listed here, we would like to discuss with you and will find a way to help.

We can be reached at (254) 292-9764, M-F, 9am – 4p.m.