You may be looking for funds that help your people, your community have better life, better healthcare, better supplies or help children in education. We would like to hear your stories:

  • Environmental protection projects
  • Clean Water systems for the cities
  • Green and Organic projects
  • Healthcare projects
  • Senior Living projects
  • Education projects
  • Healthy foods projects
  • Protect women and children projects

Khang Lending arranges financing from our investors, our sponsors, our financing partners to help communities around the world. You may have a community project plan in hand with great potential to create jobs, help better life, healthy life, protect women’s rights, protect children, education, we can help in USA, Vietnam and other countries.

Financing Information:

  • Loan amount from $5 million to a billion plus
  • Rate from 1% – 5%
  • 10 –40-year term
  • Loan under $100 million: You need at least 30% down payment (LTV up to 70%)
  • Loan from $100 million up: You need at least 15% down payment (LTV up to 85%)
  • We also do EQUITY PARTICIPATION up to 85% of project cost for new construction. Project financing from $100 million up
  • Or if you don’t have some money to start, please contact us with your project details, we would like to hear and find a way to help.

Whenever you are ready to apply this fund with us, please email us:

  1. Project overview
  2. Project documents (Financial Operating Statement, Construction Plan, Permit…)
  3. A copy of your Driver License & SS# card (all borrowers)
  4. Corporation Docs
  5. The last two months of your bank statements (personal & business)
  6. Fund proof (Pre-paid receipts…)
  7. The last three years of your Tax Returns
  8. Personal Financial Statement
  9. Five-year projection
  10. Loan application package (we will email you)

Please send the documents to

We will give you a call when we receive everything we need to send you a quote.

For any other financing requests that are not listed here, we would like to discuss with you and will find a way to help.

We can be reached at +1 (254) 292-9764, M-F, 9am – 4p.m.