Builders! Investors! Business owners! Attention, please!!!

For small projects from $1 million up: You plan to have land and build your dream projects. Townhouses, Condos complex, 4-unit multifamily, a small building… Then sell it or keep it for rent. We would like to hear more.

For bigger projects from $20 million up:It could be a 50-unit apartment, a 20.000sf building, a 6-floor shopping center, a luxury food hall, a 100-bed hospital, a dental clinic or anything else. We are here to fund your projects!

For big projects from $100 million up: We would want you to know that we love to fund your deals up to billion dollars. With this type of project, we can also fund globally not only in US, Canada but also in Europe and Asia too.

The great thing about this is we can do EQUITY PARTICIPATION up to 85%. This means you only need to come up with 15% of the deal. Let’s discuss! Again, this is only for projects from $100 million up and not any less than this amount (Please see more in our website menu: THE PROJECTS with more information)

We have two programs for this loan:

  1. SHORT TERM/BRIDGE LOAN – where you need the fund fast in 1-3 weeks then you would refinance for a longer term later on.

Loan information:

  • Interest rate from 8%-12%
  • Term loan: 1-2 years
  • Loan amount min $1,000,000 to unlimited (prefer $10 million up)
  • Credit 650 up
  • Monthly Interest payments only
  • No pre-payment penalty
  1. LONG TERM– We usually offer two terms below:

2a. Construction term that you would need some money in advances to get everything ready, deposit contractors, put a team together… then you can draw some more funds steps by steps to get things done. You will pay interest payments monthly only on the amounts you withdraw.

2b. After the construction is completed, the loan will be 25-year term or so.

Loan information:

  • Interest rate from 5%-6%
  • Term loan: 20-30 years
  • Loan amount min $500,000 to unlimited (prefer $10 million up)
  • Credit 680 up
  • 5% – 1% pre-payment penalty for the 1st year to 5th year (reduce 1% each year)

We would like to have a conversation with you to understand your situation and see what we can do for you. We are confident to get your projectsfunded. We work directly with our banks to get you the highest loan amount with better rate. We also work side by side with our National Commercial Private Lenders to review your projects and we also have our own fund to fund your deals.

Does it sound great? As long as it is a good deal, we will make it funded.

We can have a term sheet in 24-48 hours but also depends, if it is a big project and a big loan amount, we may request more docs until it is clear then we can send out a term sheet. Our term sheet should include rates, costs, monthly payments and total cash to closing from you. If you are in an urgent situation that need the fund so quick, you should get all documents ready to submit when we request. We move very fast!

Big or small, new construction or REHAB, what we want you to prepare and whenever you are ready, please email us these items below:

  1. Credit Report (Score 700 up)
  2. Project Overview (Show us how your project looks like, business plan, operating financial, loan request, everything)
  3. Get all permits, plans to build and get ready with all work, drawings…
  4. Prepare your Personal Financial Statement (We can send you one if needed)
  5. The last three years of your Tax Returns (Personal & Business)
  6. The last three months of your bank statements (Main accounts)
  7. Send all prepaid receipts, invoices to verify how much total you already put in the project already (If any)
  8. LLC, Corp formation documents
  9. Driver License & SS# card (All borrowers)
  10. Construction Loan Application (We will email you)

Please send the documents to

We will give you a call when we receive everything we need to send you a quote.

For any other financing requests that are not listed here, we would like to discuss with you and will find a way to help.

We can be reached at (254) 292-9764, M-F, 9am – 4p.m.