What is your project?

  • Wind Power: Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
  • Biofuel: Biomass
  • Solar Power: Photovoltaics, Concentrated and Space-Based
  • Marine Energy

The energy industry is a foundational part of the global economy, facilitating everything from the finance of Wall Street to transportation and logistics.  With supply chains stretching across the globe and incorporating exploration and production, manufacture and supply as well as companies ranging from large-cap public entities to smaller, private equity-backed start-ups, the energy sector is complex.  It is also in a period of significant transformation.  Technological innovation, cost pressures and concerns about efficiency and the environment have collided with increased government regulations and incentives to create dramatic changes across the energy industry.

Khang Lending offers financings for energy financial products designed to service energy industries including but not limited to: oil & natural gas, coal, ethanol, biofuel, hydroelectric, solar energy, geothermal energy and wind farms.

HT79MD Shanghai urban landscape, landmarks and solar panels

Transaction Types:

  • Senior loans, term and revolving
  • Oil Reserve-based credit facilities
  • Project Equity
  • Corporate, project and acquisition finance
  • Initial financings or recapitalizations
  • Single asset or portfolio credits
  • Growth capital

Whether you need project financing for a very small, $5 million commercial wind farm or large $20 billion nuclear power plant, we can provide you with the appropriate energy finance solutions to meet your needs.

Financing Information:

  • Loan amount from millions to billions
  • Rate from 5%
  • 5 – 30-year term
  • Loan under $100 million: You need at least 30% down payment
  • Loan from $100 million up: You need at least 15% down payment

Whenever you are ready to apply this loan with us, please email us:

  1. Project overview
  2. A copy of your Driver License & SS# card (all borrowers)
  3. Corporation Docs
  4. The last two months of your bank statements (personal & business)
  5. Fund proof (Pre-paid receipts…)
  6. The last three years of your Tax Returns
  7. Personal Financial Statement
  8. Loan application package (we will email you)

Please send the documents to Funding@KhangLending.com

We will give you a call when we receive everything we need to send you a quote.

For any other financing requests that are not listed here, we would like to discuss with you and will find a way to help.

We can be reached at (254) 292-9764, M-F, 9am – 4p.m.