Fast cash 24h for business owners is also known as cash advance, business funding where helps business owners has a quick access to cash for their emergency or get the money they need while banks say no to them.

This fund is only for who owns a business and runs at least 3 months. Not for a start-up.

Look into the market now!

Banks currently offer cash advance with interest rate 28.99% in very short term, few months. Take a look deeper into your credit card statement where all big banks show what you have to pay them if you don’t pay on time.

Look how SHARK TANK billionaires invest their money to business people. Everyone comes in with offers 5%, 10% equity but it always ends up with 25%, 35%, 51% equity when they leave the show. Take it or leave it!

It is high and very high! Why? It is because:

  • It is quick! It takes one day to get you funded. It takes us 2-4 hours to have an offer. Not like banks, they take 2-4 weeks to give you an answer. Time is money.
  • It is high risk! This fund doesn’t require any collateral. It does not take your house. It does not show in your credit report. And remember, your business is not an asset unless you own the building.With a late rent payment, your landlord may lock you out. The higher risk, the higher return is expected. We take the risk!
  • Low credit? No problem.
  • Not-looking-good tax returns? No problem.
  • It is a simple process! We don’t want you get a headache.
  • Banks say no, we say yes. We give you what you want.

Khang Lending directly invests its money to help your business grow while you’re not qualified with traditional banks or you need cash so urgent. We, as your business partner, absolutely understand your situations, send you the fund to help where there is no other help. We don’t split the ownership. We don’t take the equity and let you have 100% control of your business and your sales.

  • We charge from 25% of your sale (no interest rate)
  • Term: 3-18 months
  • Daily, weekly or bi-weekly payments
  • Lender fee and cost: 5% (est.)
  • No min or max fund amount
  • We can fund up to $10,000,000
  • Loan amount is your one-month Credit Card sales average in the last three months
  • Processing time to funding: 1-2 days depend on how fast you can sign a funding contract and submit other docs.

For example:

  • Your credit card sale a month average $20,000
  • You may be qualified for a funding amount: $20,000
  • We charge $5,000 for one-year term
  • Total you owe us $25,000
  • We will withdraw $104.16 daily from Monday to Friday, no weekends, no holidays. Average 20 days a month we withdraw. 20 days x 12 months = 240 days/240 payments of 104.16 = $25,000 total
  • It is ACH bank system that automatically withdraws payments directly from your business bank account until it is paid off.

So, if your Credit Card sale a month is $100,000, your business may be qualified for $100,000 fund. We may charge $25,000 in a year term.

So, if your Credit Card sale a month is $200,000, your business may be qualified for $200,000 fund. We may charge $50,000 in a year term.

Business Funding considerations:

We may give you more money, cheaper charge and longer term if:

  • You run the business from 2 years or more (stable)
  • You have credit 700 up (trustworthy)
  • You don’t have any business debts (less risk)
  • You have great bank daily balance (you can afford to pay back)
  • Your revenue from $500,000 up (money-making business)
  • We only fund you amount that you afford to pay back daily based on your business bank statements

We may give you less money, more expensive charge and short term if:

  • You just start your business in less than 2 years (not stable)
  • You have credit lower than 650 (late payment or too much debts)
  • You have credit card debts (no money)
  • You don’t have good daily balance, maybe negative (no money)
  • Your revenue under $200,000 (not much profit)
  • You currently owe another funding companies (high risk)

Business Funding conditions:

  • Credit from 500 up
  • Monthly credit card sale has to be over $12,000 up
  • Time in business: at least 3 months
  • No start-ups!

Business Funding borrowers:

Nails salon, Spa, Restaurant, Hotel, Gas Station, Hospital, Dental, Animal Clinic, Flower Shop, Body Shop, Car Dealer, Car Wash…

Business Funding purpose:

  • Emergency need for business
  • Working Capital, remodel, pay roll
  • Equipment financing, expanding, relocation
  • Pay for contractors, for your investors, buy out partnership
  • Build another shops or whatever you need for your business

What we want to let you know ahead:

  • The charge is fixed. No discount if you pay off sooner.
  • We do soft credit check and no effect to your score.
  • If there are two partners in business, you both have to be on the application


If you are, please prepare the documents below and email us. After receive youremail, we will email you one-page application:

  1. A copy of your Driver License and SS# card
  2. Business license and Schedule C shows 100% ownership
  3. The last three months of your business bank statements
  4. The last three months of your merchant/credit card statements
  5. Month-to-date business bank statement (Recent transaction from the 1st date of current month to today, the day you want to take the fund)
  6. Fund application form (We will email you)

We can have an answer in 2-4 hours after receiving an application. If you accept the offer, in 1-2 hours, we will send you funding contract, after you sign, we give you a call to go over the fund with you in details. That’s it! Right after the call, the fund should be in your business bank account in 24 hours.

Please send the documents to

We can be reached at (254) 292-9764, M-F, 9am – 4p.m.