Before we start, please visit our website and read carefully all financing programs that we have here. If you have clients that may be qualified and you can refer Khang Lending to your clients, so let’s go:

To you who consider to join our team nationwide and worldwide:

This is what you get from us:

  • We pay you $1,000 each client who gets funded with Khang Lending
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • We design you a business card with your picture and Khang Lending’s logo
  • You will become a member in our Business Consultants Team
  • We will mail you a special book from Jennifer Nguyen: Millionaires Mentor – How to become a millionaire in five years

Steps to sign you up with Khang Lending: $1,250 – Team sign-up cost!

  1. Click here to make your payment $1,250: (Please note that, this fee will be refunded 100% after Khang Lending funds at least 30 clients from your submissions in the first 12 months you sign up with Khang Lending). We don’t want your money. We want your clients!
  2. In 24 hours, we will send you an email with a sign-up package (Independent Sales Contractor Agreement, W9 form, Voided check requirement)
  3. Whenever you complete the package, you can start to refer clients to us by going to our website, click on ABOUT US, then SUBMIT YOUR DEAL. We will usually give your clients a call in 5-30 minutes after receiving your submissions. We act fast!

Please note that:

  • We don’t provide other loans that are not listed here: Car loans, personal loans, student loans, credit lines, mortgage loan (owner-occupied).
  • We will increase referral fee to you when we fund at least 10 clients a month. We always have a bonus check to reward who works hard and works effective.
  • Your job is focus on marketing and let people know what Khang Lending offers. We fund your clients, you get paid. Keep repeating this!
  • Please direct all questions you may have to:


  1. Is Khang Lending a bank?
  • Khang Lending is not a bank but partners with banks. Khang Lending invests and does not lend money. Khang Lending is a big investors group that invest in business owners and Commercial projects up to billion dollars all over in US and international and also act as a Professional Consulting Company legally registered in Houston, Texas.
  1. Can I become a member in Khang Lending’s investors group? And how?
  • Yes, you can. You will need to email a FUND PROOF letter from your bank to Funding@KhangLending.comshows at least $100,000 up. After that, we will reply with INVESTORS SIGN UP PACKAGE. You can earn from 5% – 10% annually and receive your earnings monthly. 1-5-year term. (Please visit our website, ABOUT US, EARN 10% WITH US to learn more)
  1. What can Khang Lending do for my clients?
  • To business owners who are looking for money or a partner to grow their business, Khang Lending can directly invest in their business with Capital Advance program and Commercial Equity Participation. No min and no max investing amounts. Besides that, Khang Lending can provide your clients with financing programs from Khang Lending’s lending partners network, marketing strategies, business advices, real estate and business buy and sell…
  1. When I join your team, as a Business Consultant, do you provide training?
  • No, you can learn from this website and submit clients who have our requirements shows in each page here. Remember to subscribe our YouTube channel, you can learn there as well. Khang Lending is welcome you to join the first consulting conference call with your client and Khang Lending. That is when you learn from the best. If you have any extra questions, you can always email us. (We do provide training but only for BUSINESS DIRECTORS TEAM who pays upfront $10,000 which is refundable as well)
  1. $1,000 you pay is a flat referral fee does not matter how much my clients borrow, correct?
  • Correct! Does not matter they borrow $20,000 or $20 million. (In case you want to receive fees from 0.5% – 5% total funded amounts instead of $1,000, you may want to sign up for BUSINESS DIRECTORS TEAM who pays upfront $10,000 which is refundable as well)
  1. Can I do this as a side job while I am having a full-time job? 
  • Absolutely yes. You can just refer us clients and we will take care the rest and get you paid. You don’t need to do any extra work besides collecting client’s name, phone number, loan amount…
  1. After my clients get funded, when would I receive my fee?
  • You should be able to receive by 3-7 days through a direct pay from Khang Lending to your bank account.
  1. If my client defaults, Am I related?
  • No, you are not related. That is between a borrower and a lender who signs Financing Contract. But if you have more than 2 default clients, Khang Lending may terminate the agreement with you and not have you work in the team anymore.
  1. About the fee $1,250 – Can I make payments on this fee or can it be deducted from my commission?
  • It is an up-front fee. We will refund 100% when we fund at least 30 clients from you in the first 12 months when you sign up with Khang Lending.
  1. I can sign up for Business Consultants Team now but later on I want to sign up for Business Directors Team, would the fee $1,250 I pay now be deducted from $10,000 fee?
  • They are two different referral programs. The Business Team will receive more trainings in class and conference rooms. They will get paid a lot more as well.