To be qualified from a lender, a bank is always tough!

They would require a lot and in the end they still can deny to close the deal and wire the fund for you. Such a headache with:

  • Perfect credit
  • Profitable Tax Returns
  • Verify your down payment and a lot more!!!

Since it is real-estate-based financing, we don’t want all those items bother you, we create LENDER MATCH for your unique deals. This means we will have a private lender for you instead of a bank.

We will need only ONE THING from you:


The rest, we don’t ask. We have a private lender for your deals.

What to expect to go this round:

  • It has to be real estate deal: Purchase a house, a commercial building…
  • It has to be at least 80% tenant occupied if it is a rental commercial.
  • We can do purchase and cash out. We lend up to 75% of appraised amount. Case by case. Interest rate from 8%-12%.
  • Loan term: 1 year to 5 year (balloon) with monthly interest payments only
  • We order appraisal and you pay the fee.
  • The money you should prepare: 25% down, lender and broker cost 5% (est.), tax and insurance (one year prepaid), three months reserved money. The money can be in your bank accounts 2 weeks before closing.
  • We focus on great locations, great properties, great tenants and experienced borrowers.

For us to stand in this position and do this job for you, we would like you to email us:

  1. Property address and property information
  2. A copy of your Driver License
  3. The last two months of your bank statements
  4. Fund proof (bank letter confirms how much you have in the act)

We can issue a term sheet in 24 hours to have your deals move forward.

We have lenders who are ready to invest in your neighborhood, your city and nationwide! We also would like to discuss with you about your goals and how to make money with us!

Please send the documents to

We can be reached at (254) 292-9764, M-F, 9am – 4p.m.