If you make money through sales, I believe that you would want to find the highest amounts to sell to make the most “commissions” each time a sales transaction is done.There is nothing better than selling money to whoever needs it! I know there are some industries can help you make $2,000; $5,000; $10,000… I got it but I want you to think about $50,000; $100,000, $300,000, $700,000, a million, five million per transaction. Get small deals in to help you with foods and gas but dream about big deals to retire early and go spend time with your family.

Our clients are:



1. BECAUSE OF THE CULTURE: In US, everything from small items like iPhones, laptops, cars to a house… All sellers offer financing. This means everyone can pay very little down payment or $0 down and they can have anything they want in life. Who doesn’t take it? No one! American makes monthly payments to items that they buy. Buyers don’t own it until it is paid off. People don’t really pay cash. Paying cash is a not necessary thing in America. They may not have the cash to pay off or they may save the cash for other important things.

In US, everyone needs financing. This is in blood of the American. This is established in their mindset. This is the game of all financing leaders who create financing offers to sellers’ customers and both sellers and themselves make money together with “0% interest” or “0% down payment” strategies. It makes buyers buy more. Smart buyers buy more of what they need and buy more of what makes them more money. See! But I am not talking about little items.

2. PEOPLE NEED MONEY: What about bigger deals? Buying a business, build an apartment, buy a commercial worth $500,000; a million, five million, ten, twenty, fifty million. There are energy projects, heavy construction projects like building road, bridge, tunnel, commercial like shopping center, office building… worth $200,000,000 or more… Look at the central of your city, capital of your country. Everything is huge. There are no all-cash transactions.

From millionaires to billionaires. From business people to real estate investors. They are smart. They take advantage of “Use people’s money to make them more money”. American know how to use the money leverage. They definitely need the money! They definitely want the money! It’s time for you to let them know what you can do to help them to grow big and make a lot more money.

3.CURRENT MARKET: Look! There is a bank every corner. What do you think if we have our offices next to each bank and hang a sign says “WE SAY YES WHEN BANKS SAY NO”? Imagine that picture. I think you can tell how the market is. Now is the time to start this journey with Khang Lending or never!

4. UNLIMITED FUND AND EARNINGS: We have thousands of banks, thousands of lenders, millions of investors worldwide. Trillion-dollar industry. We have unlimited access to our funding sources. You can’t find any industries like this anywhere. Your job is connecting with right business, right real estate deals, right investors, right partners and then we close the deals for you. Here, at Khang Lending, you make unlimited money.

5. NO COMPETITORS: As up right now, you don’t have too many competitors. This industry is not for everybody. It requires knowledge to attract knowledge. It requires a wealthy mindset to attract wealthy people. You may not have much money but when you have a mindset of someone can do great business and create wealth, you think different, you talk different and you solve problems different. No one can compete with you.

6. GET PAID WHEREVER YOU ARE: Be your own boss. Who does not like it? It doesn’t matter if you live in Vietnam or US, Canada, Mexico, Korea. It doesn’t matter if this is just a side job. Just put more money in your pocket. It doesn’t matter if you go vacations. You still make money. It doesn’t matter if you take your kids to schools at 9am. Sell your knowledge not your time! Knowledge is unlimited and time is short.


  1. Business Financing: We have two programs: Fast Cash 24h/Capital Advance & SBA (Business Bank Loan). Loans from $20,000 to $20 million USD

Market Target: In US, there are 28 million small business with 543,000 new business get started each month. They need your help to get the money to grow more, do more and make more!

  1. Real Estate Financing: We provide financing for investors to purchase/cash-out/refinance. Loans from $100,000 to unlimited
  • Investment properties
  • Commercial buildings
  • Land, parks…

→Market Target: In US, there are over 30 million residential investors and over 8 million Commercial investors. They need your help to get the money to buy more properties, cast-out and grow fast.

  1. Big Deals Financing / International Financing: We can fund in America, Asia, Europe and other countries. We provide funding for big investors who:
  • Buy special items: Commercial Airlines, Ships
  • Build apartments, hospital, senior housing, office building, shopping mall
  • Do business: Oil & Gas, Wind Farm, Energy, Road, Bridge, Tunnel
  • Loans from $10 million to unlimited
  • For projects from $100 million up, we can do equity participation up to 85%.

→Market Target: There are so many big companies around the world. The higher they are the more money they need. Think about that and look around! All big items! All big projects! They need money! They need financing. Remember! There are no all-cash transactions. Airlines Companies, Cargo Ships Companies, Luxury Condos Companies, Builders, Big Contractors, Factories, Warehouses, Resorts, Hotels, Golf courses, Shopping malls, energy, oil & gas, wind farm… As long as the borrowers can show us great profit, we invest and fund them all!