In 2016 –Khang Lending was found by a group of Vietnamese-American investors. They invest in businesses such as nails salons, restaurants, doctor clinics, lawyers, doctors, yacht and ship and all other businesses in the US and Canada.

In 2018 –Khang Lending worked with some banks and big lending corporations to provide financing for real estate investors such as for rental properties, commercial, multifamily, hotel, resort all over the US and Canada.

In 2020:

  • Khang Lending became #1 Broker for global projects financing from 100 million up to 20 billion dollars plus in US, Canada, Asia and Europe such as oil & gas, energy, apartments, shopping centers, real estate based businesses, golf courses, wind farms, casinos, roads, tunnels construction, government projects, community projects…
  • Khang Lending target high sales volume and real estate based businesses and do a program called Investor-Match. This means, Khang Lending has investors for any good deal businesses who need working capital, expanding or equity share and can make profit for both sides.
  • Khang Lending also provides financing for heavy duty equipment for oil and gas companies, energy, medical, cargo ship, tour ship and commercial aircraft, private jet financing from 10 million up to 300 million plus.
  • Khang Lending starts investing in Start-ups in US and Vietnam. They invest their money directly and support young entrepreneurs (Shark Tank style)


Khang Lending works as a ONE-STOP-FINANCING SHOP for all types of borrowers from business to real estate investing, from nationwide financing to global, from $50,000 loan to a billion dollar loans.Khang Lending partners with over 100.000 lenders in US, Canada and international. Depends on each deal (business, rental property, commercial or other industries) and each client with credit, income, debt and collateral requirements, Khang Lending may fund their own deals or may get the deals to their banks or their lenders.

Khang Lending works with two quotes:

  • If we say no to your deal, no one would say yes” – This means with our own fund and over 100.000 lenders on hand, Khang Lending never says no to a borrower unless it is not qualified based on Khang Lending and the lender’ guidelines.
  • We can beat any offers you have on the table” – This means we work hard to make you become our client. We stay competitive. We treasure each and every client go to our company. We care! Just show us your term sheet and we will make it better for you! Save your money and your time!


In Vietnam – Jen was born in 1986 in Da Nang, Vietnam. Jen already started her businesses when she turned 18. She loves doing business and know how to make money at very young age. She went to Da Nang Foreign Language University, Korean language major in 2006 and left for a business trip to US in 2010.

In US -Jen met and married to Thomas Nguyen who graduated from Baylor University with Finance and Business degree. Thomas, an equipment manager who is currently working for Webber Construction Corporation who does heavy constructions in Spain, Europe, Canada and US. They have two precious sons Vincent Vinh Khang Nguyen and William Thien Khang nguyen who were born in 2016 and 2018.

Jen has been publishing her books: 2019 – “MILLIONAIRES MENTOR – How to become a millionaire in five years” and 2020 -2021 “MONEY LEVERAGE – How to invest like a shark”

Jennifer Nguyen is the founder and the leader of Khang Lending.