Jennifer Nguyen and Thomas Nguyen has been working in Finance and Business Banking since they were young 20s.

Jennifer Nguyen started Khang Lending in 2014 and dedicated herself in Business and Commercial Real Estate Financing over 10 years. When you work with Jennifer, you will realize how much she cares to get your FINANCING problems solved. The team is growing bigger and bigger every day. We have about 100 consulting agents now and Khang Lending’s goal is to have at least 2.000 agents in the team.

Thomas Nguyen, her husband got his Business and Finance degree from Baylor University (Waco, TX) and working for a Construction Corporation to build airport, highways, commercial buildings… from Spain to Canada, from Europe to North and South America. His company generates billion dollars in projects.

Jennifer Nguyen and Thomas Nguyen now partners together in Real Estate Assets based Financing from $100M up to $50 billion dollars in US, Canada, Asia and global.